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MDS2“Cops give a damn about a Negro, pull a trigger kill a Nigga he a hero”

– 2Pac


BLACK America…


I’ve tried writing something profound about what’s happening to our young brothers and sisters, but I can’t seem to ARTiculate the right words to express the levels of emotions that I feel for the families and communities this keeps happening in. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo, John Bell, John Crawford, Ezell Ford; just too name a few, we can not allow these men to be forgotten, and that is exactly what the media and the powers that be want, for us to forget.

United State Flag


Smoking Skull…

   This board came to me as I was sketching out a few other boards, mainly animal themed boards, you can check them out at my FB page, this one though was speaking to me. Once I sketched it out on the board – I had to first strip it of some stickers, sand it a bit, and then put a few coats of gesso on it – I just started painting. I didn’t use many colors, but I used a lot of paint, I spent about six, seven hours painting, and I was quite happy with how much I had done by that point, and called it finished. Well of course I had to put the gloss finish! I’m looking for a few more skate decks to paint and customize!

Russian Bomber…

The Russian Bomber!