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Smoking Skull…

   This board came to me as I was sketching out a few other boards, mainly animal themed boards, you can check them out at my FB page, this one though was speaking to me. Once I sketched it out on the board – I had to first strip it of some stickers, sand it a bit, and then put a few coats of gesso on it – I just started painting. I didn’t use many colors, but I used a lot of paint, I spent about six, seven hours painting, and I was quite happy with how much I had done by that point, and called it finished. Well of course I had to put the gloss finish! I’m looking for a few more skate decks to paint and customize!

Studio Working

I know it has been way too long since I posted anything. I have been working on a lot of new stuff, and have put my Nutcracker 2087 project to the side for a while. This is some of what I have been doing in the mean time, do not worry I have started working on it slowly recently and will post something very soon! What you see here is a five foot by four foot piece of canvas, pinned to the wall ready to be drawn on and painted. This came with an idea from my studio partner, to take these drawing I had, most of which are only about 8×10 inches, combine them on this huge canvas. The first canvas was to be 8×4 feet, somewhat overwhelming, not to say that five by four feet isn’t overwhelming, but it was easier to handle. I didn’t have a real sketch, what I did was, have all the drawings I had done with this same kind of style and feel around me as reference, I of course sketched out loosely on the canvas with my Ebony pencil and when I was satisfied with enough of a sketch I started with my thick brush pen. It took about two ten hour days to complete the drawing, it was a lot of fun! It’s being painted by my studio mate, and we have clashed already but I am happy with the direction it is going. This is the first of many we will collaborate on.