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I started this piece the same time as my previous one. They started as a series and I am more than thrilled that I actually got around to finishing them, as a series! I Love This City!


Ghost Towers…

I started this canvas over a year ago, when I was doing a lot of paintings and drawings of New York City skylines and bridges. Like my usually ways, I started the painting and then abandoned it for a while. I had an Art showing at my place a few weeks ago with a great turn out. Met a lot of new interesting people, sold some work, and got a few commissions. This was one of the commissions, for an engineer I met, who liked my bridge works, buts most of them are black and white and they wanted something a little more vibrant.

The Right Track…

The tracks above, make for some great perspective. This was the first one I did before getting into the other bridges. I wanted to see how much the paper could take so I gave it some light color with acrylics. I wanted to use watercolors, but it turned out to be too transparent for the paper, and the paper isn’t really made to take a lot of water. But I gave it another pass with acrylics, and though I got the color I wanted, it warped the paper.

The Hat Factory

The Hat Factory once an actual factory which produced hats, sometime in the late 1800’s. When I moved up to Peekskill I must have driven past this place dozens of times thinking it was abandoned. Little did I know that it was a haven for artist and space alike. I like most of us, find great, unique and most interesting things via craigslist.org! I showed up at the doors of The Inner Group and instantly found myself at home. It was like Christmas come January, and I had a studio with a desk to work in now! I have been hard at work on many projects, and during these beautiful summer days, while I was sitting in the studio I decided to do some on-sight sketching of the building.

These were a lot of fun to do especially on a day like today, where the humidity was low, there was a nice gentle breeze that made it cool enough to stand the rays from the sun, and it didn’t blow the paper up while I was sketching. What was also great was, as I was walking around the building I found some nice little nocks where I could sit and take a little more time with the sketch. Have no plans to make paintings out of them (as of yet), but who knows once I’m done with some of the projects I’m working on now… Who knows? Enjoy, and Thanx