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Spinal Tap…

With the new year under way, there are some great projects coming my way. This was a commission, for the clients husband who is finishing up chiropractor school. This was an extremely fun piece because I was given complete freedom to make it funky and make it colorful. At first I was just thinking to have the spine alone by itself, but there was still a lot of canvas to work with. That’s when I thought to add some vertebrae, and directional arrows. When it was time to paint I wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out. I don’t usually paint this large and at first it seemed really overwhelming. After about and hour, of just throwing paint every which way, and getting some cool dripping affects going on, there was a little more direction. The hardest part about doing a painting like this, for me, is knowing when to stop painting. I stopped. Before it was too late.