iLookin’ too Customize…

So lately I have been doing a lot of work with the computer. I still draw and sketch, but I have been finishing the work with photoshop and/or illustrator as well as playing with flash. But with the weather getting nicer, I brought the skateboards I had painted and customized – with wheels and everything – out of storage and thought about how much fun it was too paint and put it all together and make this really cool looking board. Not like the ones you see at the mall. But, I don’t skateboard, so when I was at the mall one weekend I took the two boards that I had fully customized with me – I figured it wouldn’t take long before some kid would ask about the board – to just get them out there in the world. Plus it would make some kids day. I didn’t even make it to the food court before some kids noticed and without hesitation, to their surprise their day just got a lot better. They went home with some new boards and I didn’t even go to the food court. I made their days and they saved me the calories, and with that I want to customize some more skateboards!

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