Uncle Drosselmeyer…

Uncle Drosselmeyer, a character who comes and goes, but leaves a lasting impression. He is a mysterious character that we do not know much about, except that he makes grand entrances’, bears great gifts, and then vanishes into the winter night. When I started working on the uncle, I started with a young version, but quickly realized that he is meant to be an older gentleman. When I realized this, I got the idea to use Tchaikovsky, the Russian composer from 1892 , as a point of reference for Uncle Drosselmeyer. He was an older gentleman, had a full  head of white hair and a full white beard. From here, I knew where I wanted to take this character, even though we are setting our version in the future, I still wanted him to have a prestigious victorian look, but also to look a little threatening, yet forth coming. This has been my favorite character to develop, I see a lot of intrigue and mystery in him, at some point once we finish The Nutcracker, I want to do a complete story solely about Drosselmeyer.

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