Hero of the Night…

The main character – The Nutcracker – is going through major change. I have been working on him for a while, and he is heavily influenced by American special forces gear. With all the straps and the Kevlar vest with the side arm across the chest, and the desert looking scarf. When researching for references, this really grabbed my attention, and really wanted to incorporate it in the design. I also want to give him a futuristic look with some robot elements. There are a lot of elements to play with when you think about the Nutcracker suite; the soldiers, they fought with swords and cannons, and one shot rifles, how is all that going to look in 2087? Will his sword glow? Will proton cannons come out of his shoulder? But so far this is where my guy is at, the suits are the same, the red one is how he would look with his mask down, sort of like his battle mode. Color is another issue, will his armor change color, will it be some hi-tech Metal Gear Solid type camouflage?

2 responses to “Hero of the Night…

  1. Im really feeling this man. only suggestion I got is make them all animals, like the rat and what not

    • I like that idea, but this dude is the main character (the new Nutcracker), in a sense. But what I am going to do is expand the rat army, and add other kinds of vermin, like ferrets and mole rats or something.

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