Custom SkateBoards…

Here is another projects I have been working on. My good buddy Matt Truiano (I only write his full name so you can check out his work, which is Awesome!), from SVA, where we met in a few illustration classes, and a few boring ones too. Here’s a sketch of him from one of our boring classes. He was probably drawing someone, or sleeping. Check his work out, but check out his tattoos. He does some amazing work. So he came to me a couple of months back and said that he was going to get a group show together with a theme and if I would be interested in being part of it, of course. So his first show was, Coffin shaped canvas, you can check it all out on his site. With the success of the first show his next idea was to use skateboards as the canvas. I really liked this idea and got started right away. This is my board! It might be a little hard to make out the entire board, since the board is not completely flat, when photographing the board it was with a slight angle so could get all the work. But as you can see, the tail looks squished. I used acrylics to paint this, and You can clearly see the evolution of the board, and as for the art work it self, I am happy where it is and I see it as a complete finished work. BUT! The work as a whole is not complete?! How you may wonder? Well, it’s not a skateboard without wheels! It’s not that exciting I know, but I am that excited about

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