New Look…!?!

Two post in one day?!?! WOW!?! Yeah I’m pretty excited about the work I have been doing and the amount I have been doing. So the Nutcracker 2087, haven’t done much work on it for a while, got caught up in some other things. Anyway, I had some time and decided to do a few things I had been meaning to do to the character. I still very much like the “Modern Warfare” look, but I have not been playing for a few months now… 😦 I do miss it, but without it I have been much more productive. Either way, I had been drawing out a few different looks, and trying to blend all the different looks together somehow. This is one of a first few, I plan to do a few more. I will also post the others I have, I don’t want to give you everything right away! 😉

This guy is going to have to go up against and army or rats! I’m not talking about some lab rats, we’re talk about big nasty live in the dark rainy allies under garbage dumps, thrown out of the science lab for being failed subjects, and have big beady red eyes! They have thick coats of fur and a thick layer of tough skin, with the agility of a possum… salivating from the mouth, I’m talking nasty, but then have the attire of and old colonial English army, but it looks beat up and worn in like it’s been living in the sewer. You can see the beginning steps to the Rat Horde in an earlier post. (I realized they all have something covering their mouths?Whoops! Now I have too give some of them teeth.) Since he is going up against a big nasty army of rabid creatures, he will need to be well equipped and ready to fight to the DEATH!

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