Rat King…

I have been using the same drawing, slightly different techniques each time. This time I just printed out my most recent drawing on regular printing paper and continued to develop The Rat King. Using my favorite drawing tool the brush pen by Faber-Castell – I gave him a crown, what kind of king would he be without his crown. Of course this isn’t the final, but I had to see how he would look, plus he needed some whiskers, and some more jewels around his neck. The reason I want to keep the gun and the pouches across his chest is because he does still fight, so I do want him to look like he can still take it to the Nutcracker and his toy soldiers, but also still have some King qualities. His hands still need to be made longer, long enough so when he grabs a toy soldiers head, the tips of his fingers are on the back of the soldiers head. I am having a lot of fun with the top half of the king, but the bottom half is troubling me, and that is why we have not seen a bottom half yet!?! Development in progress. Hope you are enjoying the development of this and any comments and or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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