DesiGn oNE..

So I know it has been a while since I have posted something, and last week I did not get to show anything off because class was unexpectedly canceled. Anyhow, recently I have started working with and advertising company as and intern, well more like and apprentice. Long story short I go in for an interview, sparks fly, a friendship is born, and a dream begins to be fully realized!

So with the new found friendship, I was given studio space to share with a fellow artist, and some brand new material. My favorite of all was transparent vellum paper. Forget your regular tracing paper, if you don’t have transparent vellum… well you’re hurting yourself. You saw my pre-lim drawings for my main character with the blue pencil. I didn’t want to mess the original drawing up, and the tracing paper I had just wasn’t working for me. When I got my hands on the vellum, and felt the weight of the paper I couldn’t wait to work with. Even with the weight of the paper I wasn’t sure I would be able to see the blue drawing, but the translucency was actually much better than that of the lighter weight paper, and it held the ink from the pen and marker much better. This is just one of the drawings, and one of the dozen or so character I will be developing for my version of The NutCracker 2087!!

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