The New Nutcracker

Here is my first go at developing the New Nutcracker 2087. Different from the poster face but with the same kind of feel. I want to go with the robot aspect, but I do want to keep the human element in the story, so something with humans, robots, and cyborgs. I want the main character to still be human, but with the robot design I came to the conclusion that he had to be a cyborg. Once I wanted to go with the cyborg, I began working on some head shots. This is a tricky part, because I want him to look tough and bad ass, but still be appealing and have a soft look to him, so he could still be adored. I wanted to give him jagged features, with a five o’clock shadow and some cool scares, like an experienced soldier who has seen and lived things most soldiers wouldn’t want. But when thinking about cyborgs, they are usually clean shaven, I guess cause hair carries bacteria? So I went with the soft clean look, but gave him some scars across his face, to make it seem like he has seen his share of war. One part I am still a little unsure about is how much of him is human and what is robotic? Only skin you really see is his face, everything else is covered with his hi-tech armor. A lot of this is still in its early development stages, so there will probably be some changes, but so far for a start, I am very happy where I am at.

A frontal shot of the Nutcracker 2087. Currently I am reading the Ghost in the Shell graphic novel, by Shirow Masamune, which I have looked to for much influence in developing this character and my story.The only thing different about this drawing and the first one is, there is no cord/wire going from his mask to the gas tank on his waste belt. Why the gas tank on his belt? Adding the human, the human needs air, but if he’s a cyborg, then does he need air to live?

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