The NutCracker – 2087

So lately I have been doing a lot of drawings of soldier, and a lot of things military, mainly because of a heavy influence of video games. Modern Warfare 2, if you haven’t heard about it, you should probably come out from under that rock your living under. Anyway, since I filled an entire sketch book, front to back with all things military, a friend of mine said to me one day, “Why don’t you re-make The Nutcracker?” At first I was completely turned off by the idea, I laughed and said “Naaaa!” I laughed, because when I think of The Nutcracker, I think of the ballet, a children’s story, or those funny looking Russian wooden soldier toy’s, just waiting for you to stuff their face with a walnut to CRacK!

They said not to shut out the idea. They kept saying you don’t have to make it a children’s story, you don’t have to have princes and princess’ in tights jumping around, you don’t have to have funny looking Russian wooden dolls. Keep the main elements, change the face of it completely. Ok, but how do I do that? I was still a little curious about how I would go about doing this, and wasn’t really sure if I wanted to spend this amount of time on the project? But, I then started a projects class at my local community college, and day One we had to pitch an idea for a semester long project. I had no idea what I wanted to do. As I listened, it came to me ‘why not try and do The Nutcracker?’

So now that I decided to tackle this project, where do I begin? I didn’t know where to begin, so I turned to what I enjoy doing right now? I love reading graphic novels and comic books! Some main stream super hero stuff, one or two noir indie comic strips, some classic manga, a variety. What else? Video games (thought they do take up too much time, but we love them!), a big dose of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Assassins Greed, Resident Evil, God of War. Movies, who doesn’t love movies? Sticking to the theme I have been watching movies with a more military theme to them. Then I started to put some elements together, toy wooden soldier. Ok we have soldier, I have been drawing a lot of that genre, but lets not make it a modern story, with modern looking soldier, lets make it a little more science fiction? ok, I like! Not to much science fiction, I do like the elements of robots, BIG Robots! Robots and soldiers in the future…. ok now we are getting somewhere!

I came up with something pretty quick, something to get me going, to get ideas flowing, something I can build off of. I know that it is an old children’s story with a lot of tradition, but I am throwing most of that out the window and going to bring you into the world of The Nutcracker 2087Where No Rat is Safe

4 responses to “The NutCracker – 2087

  1. Most excellent Serg! and I loved the scanned in photo – was totally cool seeing the original hand drawing in class too the other day. We might get snowed in tomorrow – but glad to see you are working on your characters! I will be taking advantage and doing the same in working on backgrounds for the flash animation.

  2. Not sure if you received a previous Facebook message. I love your work and live in Putnam Valley. Love to say hello. Give me a call at 646-567-6185.

    • hey Mark, yeah what a great surprise to hear from you! I did receive your Facebook message, I’m glad that you are following my work. Would be great to catch up and show you the studio and everything that I’m up to these days!

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