Silent Beauty…

The other day I posted a set of drawings to Instagram, and I almost didn’t post them because I couldn’t get the entire drawing(s) in the frame. I’ve seen large format work posted, so maybe I’m behind on Instagram’s features, but either way, here they are in their entirety. Drawn on 12″x18″ brown recycled paper with ink brush pens, acrylic paint markers, and watercolors.


Kente Wrap


So, I’ve been sitting on this piece for a while and have re-worked it more than a couple of times now. You can see one of my earliest versions here. I enjoy this version much more. It’s more subtle, yet more beautiful, I kept wanting to add more elements to make it more colorful, give you more to look at… but then it was just becoming a jumbling mess of colors and designs. This is why I enjoy Photoshop, being able to push and pull digitally, but then again, sometimes things never seem to be finished…

Still Here…


This seems to be my mood for most of the past couple of years; just sitting and thinking… If you’ve been wondering where I might have gone; nowhere in particular…  just here…   I will be posting more in the coming days and weeks, just don’t hold your breath !

How do you Pop?


How do you make your work stand out in a sea of endless artists?

Woman with Kente cloth…


We need more Culture in “Pop” Art culture…



MDS2“Cops give a damn about a Negro, pull a trigger kill a Nigga he a hero”

– 2Pac

BLACK America…


I’ve tried writing something profound about what’s happening to our young brothers and sisters, but I can’t seem to ARTiculate the right words to express the levels of emotions that I feel for the families and communities this keeps happening in. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo, John Bell, John Crawford, Ezell Ford; just too name a few, we can not allow these men to be forgotten, and that is exactly what the media and the powers that be want, for us to forget.

United State Flag


Maya Angelou 1928-2014



Colorfully Outspoken…


Well, we are half way through January, and I’m finally getting to my first post of the new year! Well Happy 2014, and here we go! I’ve been living in DC – well Maryland actually – for the past year, and well I am beginning to really enjoy it. I’ve made some great connections, my art is blossoming, and I’m just ready to make a name for myself. With that all being said, one of the connections I’ve made has blessed me with some great little illustration gigs, which I have really been enjoying. This piece is for a Hip-Hop/Spoken Word cypher happening later this month in DC.

Mz Mahogany Chic – Interview…


With the RAW DC semi-finals show coming up, some great local businesses have been supporting and sponsoring the showcase. Mz Mahogany Chic is an independent fashion magazine out of Washington DC, they have been promoting the show, and recently did interviews with all of the finalists. You can check my interview, click the image above.